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Markus Müller

Fruehlingstrasse  15

97616 Bad Neustadt






Born: 07/30/1967 in Muennerstadt

Primary and secondary school in Muennerstadt

Artisanal education (car mechanic)

Secondary school in Bad Neustadt

Degree in mechanical engineering in Schweinfurt

1990 Move to Bad Neustadt

Since 1992 married,

2 Daughters

Since 1994 self-employed (Painting and Design)

Since 1996 many exhibitions / presentations at home and abroad

Sept.1996 First solo exhibition in the Old Office House Bad Neustadt

Each October 97-98-99-00 participate in the International Airbrush Phantasy show in Passau

April 2001 to participate in the largest opening in Germany "Visions 2001" in Bad Kissingen

November 2001: organization, implementation and participation in the exhibition "11 September 2001 - Artist of the region take a position on terrorism and violence "in the Old Office House Bad Neustadt / Saale

May 2002: Foundation of the "Kunstverein Bad Neustadt" (2nd Chair)2002: 2nd Chairman of the "Kunstverein Bad Neustadt eV"

2003: first president of the "Kunstverein Bad Neustadt eV"

2003: Group exhibition "drugs" in Mellrichstadt (artist-student concerned)

Jun / July 2003: Group exhibition at the German Mr. Castle Muennerstadt "The Bible an argument)

October. / Nov 2008 "Fog in the head," a group exhibition on the subject of dementia, Bad Neustadt, Bad Kissingen

May / June 2010 painting meets material, joint exhibition in MuennerstadtJuly

2011 Wengart in Ramsthal

November 2011 30x30 in Mellrichstadt

October 2012 Art at the hairdresser, NES

May 2013 Wine store in pigeon mill Brendlorenzen


Regional exhibitions:

Since 1996, performing many solo and group exhibitions in the regional space. inter alia:Bad Neustadt, Bad Kissingen, Bischofsheim, Hassfurt, Mellrichstadt Muennerstadt, Rhön-jewel Kreuzberg, Schweinfurt, Unsleben,Würzburg, Wildflecken, Brendlorenzen


About Regional Presentations:

Bamberg, Bocholt, Darmstadt, Giessen, Goslar, Fürth, Husum, Kassel, Kirchheim / Teck, Lehrte, Lübeck, Passau, Schweinfurt, Saarbrücken, Trossenfurt, Wildflecken, Würzburg, Stuttgart


Presentations abroad:

2002 - Austria: Vienna (Millennium Tower)Vienna

2004 - Austria: Zell am See

2005 - Switzerland: Dietikon near Zurich, Basel



Misc. Publications in the regional press

1999: "Airbrush Total" - journal

2001, 2002, 2006 TV Touring in the cable channel (with Rtl)

2007 Radio Galaxy Bamberg

2010 TV Touring, report on the exhibition: "Painting meets material"


Internet: (my Airbrush Artwork Site)



Public purchase:

Ev. Church in Bad Neustadt

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