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This is the webseite of the german artist Markus Müller from Bad Neustadt/Saale 


5M refers to the name and birthplace of the artist: :

Markus - Maximilian - Müller - Michelsgrund - Münnerstadt

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The paintings of the artist are reacting to light. Due to a very special  mixed art paintig  , developed by the artist hiself , using various materials , special colors and painting techniques,  Markus Müller is able to create picturs, that change their impression to the viewer by various illumination. Also during the day by changing daylight

This is accomplished by varying light refractions within the color layers.

In addition, the images have a strong, three-dimensional character.

As complex as the origin, the structure of the images, so complex are usually also the contents of the images.

The central theme is always "energy":

Energy forms matter - energy creates life - everything comes from, and all turn to energy

5M's images are illuminated in exhibitions each specifically. It is the images supplied energy. This light energy is filtered in the images through the layers of paint, mixed, converted and sent back to the viewer. Such energy throughout the development process it is meant to be felt directly.

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