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In one of my exhibitions, I received an inquiry from a contractor if it would be possible for me to make a Company sign - in exactly the manner of painting as issued. 


In conversations, we clarified the structure of the sign. All preparatory steps were taken by the entrepreneur himself, so the production and construction of Rohkonstruktion of the shield. I could take care of the artistic interpretation so alone. And here I was, the client entirely free hand. The only doctrine: the recognitionabiity of the individual departments. 


So I was able to implement the various subject areas of the company free, artistic and purely intuitive. Beginning with a meditative preparation so I started to paint each on the black primed boards and was even curious where exactly led me the way. 


First I drew the big motif panels in the following order: cold, heat, fire, - sound insulation and the last panel sheet "metal processing", as these required a different approach, I was more closely linked to something real here. 


Then I designed the title boards, whose formal execution was initially scheduled completely different. 


Originally intended as a long banner, we decided to run as  single title panels. I repeated the color and partly the form game to the different themes, let shapes and colors playfully pass from one  to the next panel and worked here an even greater implementation.

company sign, by 5M


In some areas both the subject boards,  as  well  as the  title boards , I  managed  a never  before accomplished  three-dimensional effect. In some areas,  you want  try to grip into the picture,  by appropriate lighting and viewing angle or distance,  because  you suspect actual depth.


I took  some   detail  shots  in the   gallery  which it anticipate what happens when you are looking at  the  pictures.

But really you can see that only on the original.

Who wants to experience  that has to endeavour  here !


The globe joined this as another object. From the  FA Herbert handmade and original painted  by me  in  elaborate  work,can be considered  our  beautiful protect-worth  planet quietly,  as she  (powered by solar energy) slowly turns.


The sign in:

97616 Bad Neustadt / Saale

Gartenstrasse 25

Martin Herbert.

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