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"In these pictures I'm going intuitively and picturesquely to work. Completely free, usually without having a particular image idea - sometimes I have a rough screen layout, or color play in my head - I let the color free. I let forms emerge, play with them, watch their interaction, add, take away, let flow. The shapes nestle together, overlap, blend or stand opposite contrasting. Soft communicates with hard, cloudy with firm, round with square. I let arise which wants to arise.

And that is "life". From the outset of everything. Energy forms matter - is createing worlds - life begins. Cell structures unite. Multiply. Binding energy and let it free. I want the viewer to take a journey through my color and  worlds. Let enter him into my pictures, my felt worlds. Let him feel a part of this energy.

Painted on black plates and individually illuminated, jumps so to speak the energy of light, captured, modified, and re-emitted - against the viewer and touches, so  hope I, the soul. "


Markus Müller, 5M, 2012

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