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5M - About my artwork

In my artistic work, I was always trying to apply mixing techniques, or rather various painting materials.

Already in my first exhibition in the old Amtshaus in Bad Neustadt in 1996 I exhibited pictures,  which  were  painted with sand.


This was followed by a phase in which I was applying wood protective colour and acrylic paints. This phase was characterized by dark content pregnant  pictures,  which  often  confronted  the  viewer  with  the  negative  sides  of existence, such as war, environmental destruction, or drug addiction.


In the subsequent period, I painted photorealistic  in pure spray gun technique. Once again,  with  difficult  content. The person in relation to technology of information, delivered, searching, overwhelmed, inferior...

(Who would like to inform himselve more about  this,I recommend you to visit my Web site: )

the bases "Im hier und Jetzt" and "Homo Informationalis")


A long period of searching I experimented with new representation possibilities, with  new color materials, forms of expression, yes, a new way to paint:


Since 2008, there is this new series,  I call them, "Light images", because they interact with light. Depending on the lights intensity and color of light,  also in the course of the day, these images can change their character, colour, expression, depth.  And the depth  can almost have three-dimensionality.

This is achieved by that color materials produce different refractions of light. And the color mix  for the human eye  comes about  in differend ways.   Glazes - pigment free, pure liquid colorants are meant here - let the light through. It is reflected  by  the  ground  and  filtered  on  its way,  while it is thrown back by the  pigmented  colors directly  from the surface. As a comparison, I want to mention the effect of colored window glass, filter pads and similar in contrast to the usual colors here.              

In these pictures, I'm going to work intuitively and picturesque.

Completely free, basing mostly without prior, sometimes I have a rough composition in mind,  specific idea of the image I let the colour free. I let forms arise, play, watch how they interact, add, take away, let flow. Shapes nestle together,overlap, harmonize or contrast facing. Soft communicates with hard, cloudy with firm, round with square. I'm playing with different brushes. The previous pictures are even simpler, I do always more complicated the newer. I work with brushes as well as with cloth, crumpled paper, or squeeze techniques and of course also with the gun - about the painting  with  the  airbrush  I've  come  to  free  painting.  So I care dealing with this tool of course, but trying to use it purely picturesque.

I'm painting with acrylic paints and liquid glaze color mixed in one paint in several layers rotationally. In an interim phase I give a layer of clear coat on the image, thus the glazes bleed, because they are not bound to pigments, through the otherlayers of paint and now hazard decides how the image changes  because the effect produced here is hardly predictable. Colors vary and sometimes it will destroy each other ,  so that rending structures are formed, which is very nice to see in some pictures. 

More layers of  paint  now concretize the image and the content.


The building of the pictures happens  often very intuitive. First there is the color then the  form,  then everything  changes and I have to start again on that, what is formed under my leadership. Till I guess at the end of what will occur, or should.  Then I specifically work this out and concretisice.


I caused what will emerge.

And the result is  "Life".  By  the  beginning  of  everthing.  Energy - energy  forms matter -   there are worlds  - life  begins. Cell structures unite. Multiply. Binding energy on itself. Release.

Angelic figures move through worlds that could be ours or be of different origin.


I would like to take with the viewer on a fantastic journey through my worlds of colour and forms. Let him penetrate  into my pics, my perceived worlds. Let him feel a piece of this energy.

Painted on black plates, the energy of light jumps-  captured, changed and again sent out - variation-rich towars the viewer and pleases,so I hope, the soul.


I am curious with each new image  where this journey takes me.


5M - Markus Müller - Bad Neustadt - 2013

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